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GOLDEN GATE ESOTERAKA Mystery School Agreement

EarthSeed is more than a course, this is a community that honors Mother Earth and all of Her beings. The teachings and transmissions of this course and community are sacred and are to be engaged with integrity and reverence. Together we honor the Beauty Way where there is a flow between humans, our Ancestors, Nature, the Elements and the Otherworld.

In registering I agree to honor the sanctity of these teachings. 

This Sacred Agreement is a basic outline of commitments to honor our group evolution. In service to the path of healing from the dominator overculture which has worked to erase sacred lineages and confuse the innate sovereignty of humanity within the realms of spiritual wisdom, I agree to the following framework of engagement:

I acknowledge that in our modern consumer and capitalist culture there may be unconscious imprints that lead to a sense of entitlement to and consumption of spiritual teachings. We sometimes take courses, feel a deep resonance, and activation of our own internal authentic wisdom through the journey of the class. This is a beautiful experience. Occasionally this may lead to misappropriation of the material. While no one owns spiritual wisdom, our individual voices are our own domain and worthy of respect. 

I agree to track the currents of this within my own psyche. I agree to honor the voice and transmission of RaMa Danielle-Marie as facilitator of this course. The curriculum, content and experiential education of this course is intended to be engaged with solely for my personal development. 

If I choose to offer teachings that have been inspired by my participation in this course, I will credit RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts, as vessels which have supported and nourished my own wisdom. I will communicate directly and respectfully with RaMa before I offer any such teachings, and do this in service to strengthening the Truth Matrix and the lines of spiritual transmission, so that the New Earth may be anchored with honor and respectful collaboration between sovereign souls. 

I agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: I acknowledge and understand that the
    material taught in is confidential, and for which RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts claim protection. I agree to maintain the absolute confidence of the program and agree not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute or otherwise disclose any part to any 3rd parties, for any reason without explicit permission, unless it is part of the program or unless required by legal process. 
  2. Ownership of Property and Agreement Not to Infringe: I further acknowledge that the class is and shall remain the property of RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts and that I shall not infringe upon any part for my own competitive benefit, nor cause or allow any third parties, directly or indirectly to do the same.
  3. Loving Self-Awareness: I hereby commit to cultivate non-judgmental awareness of myself and my fellow students each day as we grow and evolve on our paths, individually and together. I am willing to witness and work with whatever arises, and I will be gentle with myself. I agree to take full responsibility for any and all reactions, as well as my successes and growth.
  4. I understand that what RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts are offering me is an education in mystery school teachings; which is not, nor does it replace, medical treatment, therapy, counseling or psychoanalysis.
  5. Community and Peer Confidentiality: I understand I am entering into a class with other participants. I agree to keep their identity confidential as well as not to divulge anything they say or do within the framework of our program and community. I will be conscious of how I am contributing to the group container. I strive to bring my full self and arrive with empathy. I agree not to partake in gossip about my fellow students or the program. I agree not to speak to anyone about anything that is shared within the container of our program. I agree not to speak to any group members about anything revealed within this program outside of our personal meetings, or our private social media page unless I ask for and receive explicit permission.
  6. Responsibility and Release of Liability: I take full personal responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of working with RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts. On behalf of myself and my heirs, family members, executors, agents, and assigns, I forever release RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts, and all current and former officers, directors, employees, agents, investors, attorneys, shareholders, administrators, affiliates and insurers, as well as predecessor and successor corporations and assigns (collectively, the “Releases”) from, and agrees not to sue RaMa Danielle-Marie, and EarthSeed Temple Arts, and all involved concerning, or in any manner to institute, prosecute, or pursue, any claim, complaint, charge, duty, obligation, demand, or cause of action relating to any matters of any kind, whether presently known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, that I may possess against any of the Releases arising from any omissions, acts, facts, or damages that may occur as a result of my participation under this Agreement, and in particular without limitation from any physical, or psychological impact that results from my participation in this apprenticeship, class, course or education program as well as any claim for failure of RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts to produce the results I seek. If I have feedback about the program I agree to speak with RaMa and EarthSeed Temple Arts directly through email or phone. The deep work we are doing requires a commitment to clarity, integrity, and honesty.

 Step into this evolving membership community where you travel with your unique blueprint parallel to the lunar phases and current astrology to experience personal and collective healing.

You may cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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EarthSeed: Fully Invest

In an age of AI, be the EI. 

Embody the Earth’s Intelligence and the Timeless Beauty of Nature with EarthSeed.

EarthSeed is anchored with ten unique stone temples that are bridging cosmic frequencies through the Sun, Moon, and the Earth into your body temple. This course weaves celestial wisdom from ancient Celtic culture, the chakras as taught through the Vedic tradition and Daoist stone medicine wisdom that have been orally passed down for over eighty eight generations. 

EarthSeed Course Components include:

10 weekly recorded video and audio course teachings delivered over five weeks

10 practices and reflections to apply the teachings of each Temple

10 Guided Sound Healing Ceremonies

3 Live Lab Synthesis Sessions with Q+A 

Pdf downloads of the teaching of each Temple

Access to a custom designed and private interactive course website

Access to a private community forum with an interactive app you may download to your device

Special bonuses to expand your EarthSeed journey

A certification track through the GOLDEN GATE ESOTERAKA

Course Logistics and Dates
Pre-recorded teachings delivered Tuesdays 16, 23, 30 July and 6, 13 August at Noon EDT

Pre-recorded teachings delivered Thursdays 18, 25 July and 1, 8, 15 August at Noon EDT

Live Lab Synthesis Sessions on Saturdays 20 July, 3 and 10 August at Noon - 1:15 pm EDT

*All sessions will be recorded and available within a custom designed course portal for your ability to view at your leisure

Prosperity Ritual:

As every purchase is an extension of the deep roots of one’s value system, I invite you to invest in this course with aligned intention. Your decision to commit to this offering marks your desire for transformation in service to the evolution of consciousness. 

As you step into the portal, I invite you to trust that abundance flows into your life with ease and grace. May you always know that you deserve to have your needs met and that you are meant to experience limitless expansions in all areas of your life. Your commitment to the sacred remembrance of who you truly are raises your vibration.

Cultivate Deep Roots and Make Miracles with the Cosmos

What People Are Saying:

When I saw RaMa's Earthseed course, I signed up immediately because I was hungry for a more embodied way to move through life on this confusing planet in these epic times. This course more than delivered! RaMa shows up so authentically, bringing together knowledge from many traditions, all while keeping the teachings grounded in deep respect and a sense of the sacred. I now find myself spiraling closer to that more embodied life as I continue to work with the stones.

Rosa Rashall

EarthSeed came at a moment when my nervous system was in deep need of the nurturing grounding energy found in this program. The Knowledge I have gained on the stones, or the Earth’s bones as Ra Ma describes them, has changed the way I live in my body and environment. Ra Ma weaves Daoist stone medicine wisdom, with the chakra system, the wheel of the year and the solar gates and lunar portals with elegance, and a level of comprehensiveness of a master. And as a student, I received all of benefit of her genius. The Connection I feel to this beautiful planet goddess Sophia is deeper than ever and the healing that is taking place is at a quantum level. I am certain that the education I’ve received will continue to evolve and move through my spirit like the most stunning lotus flower, blooming infinitely.

Wynoami Glasser