foundations in astrology


a 5 week live virtual course

beginning 1st February 2023


Discover an alchemy of ancient and modern astrological teachings for your cosmic clarity

with ra ma

artist, astrologer, cosmic priestess, and the creator of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories

Welcome aspiring astrologer,

Like the Ancients who have come before, you have an instinctual urge to know the positions and relationships of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets and how this relates to your daily life on Earth. 

I imagine that you wish to make sense of your place in the cosmos.

Perhaps you wish to be able to help others claim their own unique magic. Perhaps you know that through the art and science of astrology you can create horoscopes, make talismans and forecast future events.

To be able to do this you must know the building blocks of astrology and the basics of how to decipher a chart.

I know sometimes the language of astrology feels out of reach and totally overwhelming. There are seemingly infinite layers of technique with astrology and it may feel like the concepts will never gel into cohesion.

Due to its rising popularity, it’s easy to find a saturation of information floating all over the internet in regards to this starry craft. The many voices create endless jargon, and at times contradiction and a myriad of opinions, that it can feel like wading through a marsh and you find yourself lost.

astrology is timeless and vast. you are made of stardust and a compound of elemental wisdom. 

An intelligent foundation is essential to learning astrology so that it takes form in your consciousness. Breaking down this rich language requires an intentional container, clarity, and a solid practice to learn the complexities with elegance. I know that it is possible to experience astrology as simple and straightforward, where the merging of traditional and modern techniques crystallize.

the ancient language of astrology lives within you and it is time to consciously awaken this eternal wisdom.

This is why i created skywalkers.

within your essence you already are an astrologer. 

This Foundations in Astrology course will help you decipher the art and science in a clear and grounded container so that you may flourish with your practice. You will be confident that you are building the blocks step by step that will nurture a lifelong learning path if you so desire.

In addition, these basics will help you master their connection to self knowledge and enrich your confidence, your health, your connection to money, your relationships, community and to your literal and physical place on Earth.

astrology is a gateway to know your soul purpose in this universe.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Realize your place within the history of Astrology
  • Know the fundamentals of astrology
  • Have experienced the four elements and three modalities
  • Have fully embodied the energy and archetypes of the planets, signs, and houses
  • Be able to offer a basic natal chart interpretation with grace
  • Decipher the dominant energies in your natal chart and the charts of others
  • Be ready to expand out into the majestic realm of astrology with confidence

master the basics so that you may become fluent in the language of the aquarian age.


My relationship with astrology began in 1994 as parker’s astrology magnetically drew me back into this portal of starry remembrance.

I arrived home from the bookstore in Goldsboro, North Carolina with this thick book that I immersed myself within for endless hours during my teenage years. To be honest, the technical sections felt incredibly intimidating and out of my league. Regardless, I fell in love with the language of astrology.

When I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter during my Saturn Return, astrology knocked at my door with an invitation to dive deeper. I began an intensive Soul Mastery Program with my first astrology mentor DK Brainard. This journey cracked me wide open to be able to interpret my chart in ways I had never imagined.

By the year 2014 as I was rebirthing my work in the world after three years of dedicated mothering, I began to weave astrology into all aspects of my offerings ranging from yoga classes, my apothecary, women’s circles and other events. While attending a workshop in 2016, I found myself surrounded by a group of women, and there I was in the midst of giving each of them chart interpretations. 

The realization hit me like a bolt of Uranian lighting (my South Node is in Aquarius), I am an astrologer! 

It was a profound moment of claiming my medicine from deep within my bones. I began offering professional readings in 2017 and since then have offered over a thousand 1:1 readings with people all over the world. Each offering through EarthSeed Temple Arts whether it is a simple yoga class or multifaceted pilgrimage is curated with from a deep listening and knowing of the celestial realm. 

In my thirst for more knowledge I received a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the Sophia Centre at the University of Wales with Merit in 2022. Truth be told, I will always consider myself a student astrologer; I am always learning new techniques to enrich my practice.

My journey with astrology is as vast as the stars and has lead me to pilgrim in sacred lands like Egypt and Avalon where I have come to embody the connection between the heavens, sacred sites like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, our Earth’s iron rich core, and our own human bodies. 

When life becomes totally wild, I lean upon starlore to gain insight and inspiration.

The birth of this foundational course has been years in the making. I know we are going to learn so much together as my strong Virgo planets in the 12th house are here to deliver, and my 9th house chart rulership is a vast resource of divinatory comprehension.

Let's traverse the cosmos together in Skywalkers.


What people are saying about skywalkers

RaMa is a true scholar and she has put a lot of thought into how to present complex information in a way that builds upon itself and provides a strong foundation for understanding the core principles of astrology. 

At the end of the course you will be able to look at a chart and do a simple and insightful reading for yourself or a friend. 

I was amazed when, with no preparation, I sat with a friend and was able to look at her chart and give her insights into her life based on what was written in the stars at the time of her birth. I did use my notes a little bit, but most came from within, from the foundational inner map created over the 5 week Skywalkers course. 

I also gained a greater and more compassionate self-understanding because a look at my chart highlights so clearly that the places I have judged myself are actually keys to the mystery that was written in my own birth stars, and contain clues to how I may choose to express myself in this earth walk.

If you have been wanting to study astrology and are reading this, now is the time!

This is not superficial pop astrology, but a grounding in a deeper understanding of the cosmic forces in the movement of the stars, and how they can affect our lives here on earth. 

Rosa Rashall, Designer and Artist, Northern California

I started exploring astrology as a way to better understand the patterns of my natural intuitive response and enhance my awareness of the world around me. Skywalkers is an excellent forum for anyone interested in learning the language to understand the messages the stars carry for all of us.

Ra Ma is an excellent resource to help advance my studies in astrology, and she distills her deep background in cosmological and astrological studies to teach in an easily understood and relatable way.  

Diana Gillikin, Public Safety Project Manager, Austin, Texas

While astrology has been calling to me for quite some time, my knowledge was minimal and fragmented prior to completing Skywalker's foundational course.

Before Skywalkers I'd look at a natal chart and have no idea what any of it meant. I now understand the significance of the elements and modalities, the planetary archetypes, the zodiacal signs and the houses. I can recognize and draw all of the glyphs and can now do a basic chart interpretation with the foundational understanding I gained through this course.

I will definitely be signing up for future Skywalker offerings and cannot wait to deepen my knowledge and understanding of this ancient art and science. RaMa is a gifted teacher who's able to make the complex accessible.

Shelby Messenger, PhD Candidate, Redway, California

Skywalkers was a great experience to learn Astrology. Ra Ma is excellent at explaining such a complex subject. She makes it interesting, especially through the interactive chart reading synthesis sessions. I was consistently curious to know more. I deeply enjoyed growing with others, and am forever grateful to have found this space.

Sarah Hart, Mortgage Analyst, Greenville, South Carolina

Skywalkers course blueprint 

this foundations in astrology course is

an alchemy of ancient and modern

astrological teachings for your cosmic clarity

module 1 – a history of western astrology

Discover how the Ancients practiced astrology and how you may transmute this wisdom for the 21st century

module 2 – elements and modalities

Unearth the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water and how these form building blocks of any astrological practice

Master the three modalities of astrology including cardinal, fixed and mutable so that you are able to discern how these energetics express

module 3 – the planets and their archetypes

Learn about the 7 traditional planets and their rulership within Ancient Astrology

Receive the message of the transpersonal planets and their collective effects

Become familiar with all of these planetary archetypes which are the actors of any chart reading and know to recognize and draw their glyphs

module 4 – zodiacal signs

Travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac through ancient and contemporary interpretations 

Discover how to recognize and draw the 12 glyphs of the zodiac, learning the personalities that bring chart reading to life

module 5 – houses

Receive the keys to knowing the energies of the twelve houses that are the spaces or places of action in any chart reading

An emphasis will be placed on both traditional and modern house systems and how to distinguish between the two

synthesis sessions

These Synthesis Saturdays are opportunities that will offer you the experience to blend the techniques offered through Skywalkers and how to decipher simple chart interpretations

These sessions are an experiential opportunity for you to bring additional questions for group reflection

dates for skywalkers

Wednesdays 1st February - 1 March 2023  6-8 pm EST 

Synthesis Sessions 18th February and 4th March 11-1 pm EST

*All sessions will be recorded and available within our dedicated course portal for your ability to view at your leisure. 


Skywalkers course components:

5 modules delivered live on wednesdays
2 synthesis sessions offered live to master simple chart interpretations
a total of 14 hours of live recorded teaching with ra ma: wednesdays 6-8 pm and saturdays 11-1 pm (eastern time zone)
archetypal embodiment practices including glyph work
access to our custom designed, private interactive course website
private forum for 24/7 astrology geeking...this is the space to keep the startalk flowing via an app you may download to your device
pdf transcripts of the teaching portion of each module to solidify learning 
lifelong access to audio and video recordings of all live teaching sessions
the ability to take the course again each time it is offered to fully digest and integrate the basics

Beyond a course, this is an ever expanding star system!

community is a balm for these times.

This is an intimate learning group where you have the opportunity to share insights and build support systems. As a part of each week’s curriculum you will be given exercises for contemplation and reflection. You are encouraged to post your experiences within our private group forum, which will be space that will respect your privacy and data.

Ra Ma will be available to answer your questions and witness your metamorphosis along the way. As a cohort, the value of coming together in these times crafts a network of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm.

Plus these special skywalker bonuses

a guided audio meditation journey through the planets


a guided audio meditation journey through the zodiac 

graphic downloads to enhance your learning and practice 

a special bonus workshop: how to discover the soul purpose in a birth chart


1 investment

$333 pay in full


2 monthly investments




EarthSeed Temple Arts offers astrological divination, a mystery school and global pilgrimages to activate your consciousness evolution. Ra Ma, the pillar of ETA is an artist, alchemical astrologer, cosmic high priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, pilgrimage steward, sound healer, yogi and the creatrix of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories.

She has studied the art of starkeeping for over 28 years and holds a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology with merit through The Sophia Centre at The University of Wales. She considers her astrology alchemical, as it is rooted in the wisdom of the elements and merges the foundations of traditional and mundane western astrology with modern psychological, evolutionary and intuitive techniques.

Ra Ma is dedicated to aligning the spiritual realms with academic intelligence. Her astrological practice leans upon yogic philosophy, and a twenty year practice of mediation, sound healing, ancestral healing and Daoist stone medicine.

In the Spring of 2022 she unveiled her mystery school with EarthSeed, a 9 week live experiential virtual course that offers essential principles and practices for personal empowerment in these radical times. Since then, she has initiated 50 people through EarthSeed.