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Tuesday 29th March 2022

4 pm PDT/7 pm EDT 

Discover three teachings to support you in cultivating an authentic, intimate connection with the cycles of life on Earth so you may open to elegant vitality, embodied presence, and deep resilience.

with Ra Ma

Artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, cosmic priestess, yogic healer, and creator of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories

Deep within your bones you yearn for an intimate, grounded connection with all of life.

Imagine living each day with elegance, in sync with Nature’s rhythms.

Your very presence glows. You emit an energetic signature of a life consciously woven that clarifies with air, passionately creates with fire, renews with water, and is anchored with earthly pleasures.

In reality you may find that you do not even give enough attention to your own self care. At times you may feel like you do not even belong on this planet.

Sensations of isolation, insignificance, and helplessness become daily experiences. Your body may even present as overly sensitive to toxins in the environment, bombarded with allergies, or electromagnetic frequencies.

Life can be dizzying.

Our world demands so much from us; from the pressure of massive cultural shifts and technological advancements our nervous systems are overloaded with a barrage of information. It has become common to have a lack of discernment of knowing which tool to use when.

Our bodies hold portals of energy that are naturally attuned to the elemental rhythms.

However, when we lack a connection to Earth’s consciousness we lose sight of how to create energetic sovereignty.

The solution is to anchor with the basics of a cyclical understanding of Nature based rhythms.

These elementally inspired practices will align you to develop a life that:

  • Aligns you to gracefully live your soul’s purpose with consciousness
  • Feels invigorated and grounded as you are coupled with your instinctual self
  • Conjures the solar principles of direction and stability just as the Sun is always shining
  • Flows and weathers through any change as your intuitive abilities are developed for an embodied presence on Earth
  • Finds allyship with the forces of Nature, ultimately creating personal empowerment
  • Attunes you to your own inner divinity to cultivate confidence and connection

In this complimentary global learning event you will learn three principles that will instill devotional love between you, Mother Earth, and the Elements in this Aquarian Age:

Principle 1:

Discover an ancient tradition of tracking the seasonal cycles through the 8 Solar Gates and how this may activate your own spiritual authority.

Principle 2:

Learn the 8 Lunar phases and how understanding these rhythms taps you into the wisdom of the tides within your body.

Principle 3:

Discover how you may utilize stone medicine as the Earth’s bones to channel celestial knowledge and simply anchor this intelligence through the energetic portals of your physical body.

After exploring these three principles and how they synthesize, Ra Ma will guide you on a journey to connect with your Earth Star chakra and meet Great Grandmother Hematite at the core of Terra Gaia, our Mother Earth. This experience will anchor you to the wisdom of stones as allies, and assist you to ground so that you open to your inherent ability to feel empowered, actualize your dreams, and thrive in everyday reality while being open to higher realities.

Join an ecosystem of people all over Earth to explore this dynamic, yet elegant practice.

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What students are saying about working with Ra Ma . . .

Ra Ma is gifted in many ways; she is extremely knowledgeable, well-spoken, thorough, connected, eloquent, and personable.

Liu Kincheloe, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

My work with RaMa brought revelation and healing to the cosmic source of a lifelong state of inner struggle. Her work has touched the lives of everyone in my circle in profoundly positive ways.

Allison Kirk, Healer, Charleston, SC

Ra Ma walks her journey with integrity, inviting you to discover and trek your own sacred path. She generously shares her tools and teachings, empowering the wise-one within us all!

Whitney Cline, Accountant, LA, CA 


Ra Ma is an artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, cosmic priestess, and the creator of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories. While earning a BA from Hampshire college, she focused on Paleolithic and Neolithic Goddesses, Interdisciplinary Arts, and Media Criticism. She went on to earn a Post Baccalaureate in Visual Art from SMFA, Reiki Master Certification, numerous yoga certifications, and other credentials in the healing arts. At the age of 28, Ra Ma built the first incarnation of her business, the conscious canopy, as a childbirth educator and DONA and Birthing from Within certified birth and postpartum doula. After her own deep immersion into motherhood, she began teaching and mentoring others with tools of embodiment through astrology, ancestral healing, Daoist stone studies, elemental medicine, movement, meditation, soundscapes, lunar councils, and femme empowerment programs. In 2017 she began facilitating global pilgrimages to England, the South of France, and Egypt with the prayer of guiding others to fall in love with Nature by simultaneously awakening the powerpoints of Earth and the human body. Simultaneously she also crafted a community where she led in person and online workshops to assist others to align with the rhythms of the Sun, Moon, and Self. She studies regularly with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Daoist Priest Jeffrey Yuen and honors the memory of her recently departed mentor Dr. Malidoma Some. In 2022 Ra Ma received a MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology candidate via the Sophia Centre UWTSD.