EarthSeed Temple Arts Mysterium

We envision a world where humanity is empowered with radical creativity, spiritual courage and tools of resilience that weave a diverse web of people enacting positive social change.

As each individual heals their psyche -- their inner landscape -- they become a mirror for deep ecological renewal and a lasting cultural renaissance. 

We welcome you to explore these mystery school teachings birthed from EarthSeed Temple Arts and seeded with the intention to bring this prayer to life for the benefit of All of our Relations.

Your Gateway to Cosmic Mastery


Ma Magick is a monthly membership journey into Meditation, Star Medicine, God(dess) Consciousness and Elemental Wisdom

You are invited to join this astrologically based inner circle tended by RaMa with loving devotion

Have you prepared for your success?


You will need the ability to stay aligned with the changing pressures and demands as your life expands and your dreams manifest.

Receive the 7 Keys to Cultivate Your Unique Daily Practice 

every moment is a miracle

This audio based mini course was crafted just for you. These dynamic times require daily clearing and grounding and the 7 Keys to Cultivate Your Daily Practice will help you tailor a spiritual manifestation ritual that lights you up.

Dive into this complimentary teaching that will inspire you to commit to a practice that lights you up on the daily as you navigate the wilds of modernity.

Your information is sacred. EarthSeed Temple Arts will never share or sell your details. You may opt out of the Venusian Love Notes at any time.

About your Guide

RaMa is an artist, alchemical astrologer, cosmic high priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, pilgrimage steward, sound healer, yogic scientist, and the creatrix of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories.


Foundations in Astrology

Discover an alchemy of ancient and contemporary astrological teachings for your cosmic clarity




is RaMa's signature course that offers essential principles and practices for personal empowerment in these radical times. 

Discover a potent set of nature-based modalities to help you develop an authentic, intimate connection grounded with the cycles of life on Earth that usher you to your elegant vitality, embodied presence, and victorious resilience.

EarthSeed is the foundational path of knowledge within this mystery school. Stay tuned for the next incarnation of this powerful online course.