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Cultivate Deep Roots and Make Miracles with the Cosmos

We envision a world where humanity is empowered with radical creativity, spiritual courage and tools of resilience that weave a diverse web of people enacting positive social change.



We envision a world where humanity is empowered with radical creativity, spiritual courage and tools of resilience that weave a diverse web of people devoted to enacting positive social transformation.  


As each individual heals their psyche -- their inner landscape -- they become a mirror for deep ecological renewal and a lasting cultural renaissance, ultimately evolving collective consciousness. These mystery school teachings are seeded with the intention to bring this prayer to life.


We welcome you to explore these transmissions birthed from EarthSeed Temple Arts and seeded with the intention to bring this prayer to life for the benefit of All of our Relations.

Courses and Programs


RaMa's Signature Path of Knowledge

In the age of AI, become the EI. Embody the Earth's Intelligence. This course is anchored with a system of ten crystal temple spaces that bridge the frequencies from the Cosmos through the Sun, Moon and the Earth into your energy centers.



Foundations of Astrology

Discover an alchemy of ancient and contemporary astrological teachings for your cosmic clarity. Breaking down this rich language requires an intentional container, clarity, and a solid practice to learn the complexities with elegance so that you may awaken this eternal wisdom.


Ma Magick

 Time Travel with Your Astrology

This inner membership circle is your gateway to cosmic mastery where Meditation, Star Medicine, God(dess) Consciousness and Elemental Wisdom merge. Your blueprint will pilgrim parallel to the evolving cosmic weather so that you may experience personal and collective healing.


Initiate Love and Experiences

'I love the way RaMa brings expertise and integrity to her wonderful classes, sacred councils and personal astrology readings. Her deep, beautiful soulful wisdom and knowledge has impacted and enriched my life. I feel blessed to have connected with her work, and recommend anything RaMa offers.'

— Jacqueline Brulotte

'These transmissions are steeped in the Wisdom of the Holy, fueled by RaMa’s devotion to love, the Cosmic Earth, and the awakening for all beings. Sacred Magic ripples through. Brilliant.'

— Benita Wolfe

'RaMa has constructed and curated what so many of us wish for.
She has created divine community for the feminine in every act she intends, be it a class, a workshop, an elixir or a pilgrimage. Above all, the most important of these acts was her willingness to answer the Call. The Call to initiate.' 

— Mia Glass


Cultivate Deep Roots and Make Miracles with the Cosmos

with this complimentary audio transmission of the 7 Keys to Cultivate Your Unique Daily Practice that will guide you to create your signature daily rhythm and ritual.

Your information is sacred. We will never share or sell your details. In addition to this teaching you will be subscribed to RaMa's Venusian Love Notes. You may opt out at any time.


Meet Your Cosmic Guide

RaMa is an Artist, Alchemical Astrologer, Sound Healer and Cosmic High Priestess with Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. She is the founder of EarthSeed Temple Arts, creatrix of the podcast Stars, Stones and Stories and keeper of the GOLDEN GATE ESOTERAKA this Ancient Future Mystery School.


Upcoming Pilgrimages Around the World

Timebending with the Temples of Eternity

EGYPT INITIATION 30th October - 19th November  2024

We will begin our journey in the Upper Egypt and trace the path up the melodic Nile River, a reflection of the Milky Way Galaxy, venturing temple by temple for deep cellular clearing, healing and activation. This initiation will include a rare exploration through Middle Egypt. You will have the opportunity to drink in the rich history of Queen Nefertiti and Akhenaten and to experience sites sacred to Queen Hatshepsut and Thoth that are rarely visited.


Stars, Stones and Stories: Ancient Future Myth & Astrology

These transmissions weave astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing to fulfill your longing to belong

Stories are written all around us.  

They are in the stars, the stones and the ancestors that live in our bones. The Earth holds the stories that connect us to our deepest eternal traditions and to ourselves. The art and artifacts left behind over time and space are the gifts of all the wisdom that inform who we are and what we may become.

Story is medicine.


Initiate Love and Experiences

'Working with RaMa has been beautifully transformative. she has been a catalyst in my rebirth and in reawakening my spiritual self. RaMa's work comes from her heart - she is assisting in shifting the world's perspective from fear to love. She truly holds safe, sacred space for all to participate in deep healing for themselves and their lineage. I feel infinite gratitude for RaMa and I feel so honored to have crossed paths with her.'

— Shelly Murray

'She holds the feminine sacred and motherhood angelic force while creating a safe space for women to expand and go deeply in her presence. She is a gift to humanity and I confidently encourage anyone and everyone to be a student of her teachings.'

— Kerry Green

'RaMa is an amazing teacher and guide to understanding the language of astrology. My sessions and classes with her gave me new insights into interpreting my choices and experiences. I now have new tools to assist planning my next adventures in life! I will continue to tune into her podcasts and look forward to her Venusian Love Notes in guiding my actions to follow a more rhythmic path in my life. Thank you RaMa for your calm presence and ability to clearly share your gift.'

— Jennifer Schramm

Explore These Foundational Mystery School Teachings for Your Consciousness Evolution