EarthSeed Temple Arts Mysterium

We envision a world where humanity is empowered with radical creativity, spiritual courage, and tools of resilience that weave a diverse web of people enacting positive social change.

As each individual heals their psyche -- their inner landscape -- they become a mirror for deep ecological renewal and a lasting cultural renaissance. 

We welcome you to explore these mystery school teachings seeded with the intention to bring this prayer to life.

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About your Guide

Ra Ma is an artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, cosmic priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, yogic scientist, and the creator of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories.

‘Feel me now as dark crone woman. I am death and transformation. I am ending and regeneration. Queen of the Underworld, I stir my cauldron of inspiration. All must travel my dark yonic passage into my womb of rebirth. For in death, I give life. Be still in the darkness and feel my presence. I hold the mystery of rebirth.’

—Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


is a 9 week live experiential virtual course that offers essential principles and practices for personal empowerment in these radical times. 

Discover a potent set of nature-based modalities to help you develop an authentic, intimate connection grounded with the cycles of life on Earth that usher you to your elegant vitality, embodied presence, and victorious resilience.

EarthSeed is the foundational path of knowledge within this mystery school.

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Community is a Balm

This is an intimate learning group where you have the opportunity to share insights and build support systems. You are encouraged to post your experiences within our group forum, which will be space that will respect your privacy and data. EarthSeed will build an ecosystem of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm.

EarthSeed Course Blueprint

Each module is anchored with a temple space where a particular stone is the portal that anchors this energy to Earth, bridging frequencies from the cosmos through the Sun, Moon, and the Earth into our bodies. This stone medicine wisdom extends through roots that have been orally passed down through generations through Daoist cosmology.

 Every Moment is a Miracle

When you live a lifestyle that is grounded in the Solar and Lunar cycles you will naturally radiate from your own inner authority. By aligning with Earth’s rhythms you will be tapped into the wisdom of the tides within your body. Through this process of alignment you will learn how to anchor this intelligence through your physical body.


Receive 8 simple teachings on how to thrive in these times through grounding practices.
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