I am a channel of magic, but I didn’t always own this.

My path may not seem strange as you read this in the Aquarian Age, but coming of age in the eighties and nineties, I was always on the fringe of society. I struggled with inadequacy, feeling powerless, and restricted by the cultural norm.

Around the Harmonic Convergence in 1988 my uncle was diagnosed with AIDS, which catapulted my mother’s awakening. As his death a couple of years later marked his entry to the Otherworld, he began communicating with us beyond the veil. My official initiation as a priestess began in my late teens and early twenties, however by thirteen I  regularly utilized the pendulum and tarot, tended to crystals, studied astrology, practiced herbal medicine, and was reading channeled material.

After the birth of my daughter, I consciously took a few years away from my work to fully immerse myself in motherhood. This journey was a true dark night of the soul. I moved across the country from LA to a lake in Maine and lost my entire community. I lost my identity. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and I was told there was no hope to heal. I was called home to the Appalachian mountains where I modified my lifestyle. I committed to a daily practice through kundalini yoga and meditation. Eventually I was guided to share these teachings with my community. I loved the practice, yet struggled in complex ways by the rigidity and expectations of the lineage.

As I found teachers who inspired me, I also began to see the deep shadow that runs through spiritual communities, and ultimately throughout our culture at large. During the pandemic of 2020, the kundalini lineage that had been an anchor for me for over twenty years collapsed as dark truth rose to the surface around the traumatic abuse and downright lies as to the origins of the teachings. A practice that had grounded me for over 15 years of my life no longer felt ethical.

For me what stands the test of time is communion with the Elements. I love the natural world because both the dark and the light are not only welcomed, they are essential. My work is rooted in weaving what is most true for me; the human body, my ancestors, a deep love of Mother Earth, the rhythms of the Sun and Moon, the stars in the sky, the magnetism of the planets. Through this multifaceted, yet simple practice, each day I manifest the life I love through an elemental attunement. For many years my clients have been aksing for a course that merges the tools of embodiment I have offered alongside the rich knowledge I passionately share. I believe EarthSeed will build a ecosystem of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm. All of you is most welcome here.

Ra Ma is an artist, astrologer, alchemical mentor, gridkeeper, cosmic priestess, and the creator of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories

While earning a BA from Hampshire college, she focused on Paleolithic and Neolithic Goddesses, Interdisciplinary Arts, and Media Criticism. She went on to earn a Post Baccalaureate in Visual Art from SMFA, Reiki Master Certification, numerous yoga certifications, and other credentials in the healing arts. At the age of 28, Ra Ma built the first incarnation of her business, the conscious canopy, as a childbirth educator and DONA and Birthing from Within certified birth and postpartum doula. After her own deep immersion into motherhood, she began teaching and mentoring others with tools of embodiment through astrology, ancestral healing, daoist stone studies, elemental medicine, movement, meditation, soundscapes, lunar councils, and femme empowerment programs. In 2017 she began facilitating global pilgrimages to Egypt, South of France, and England with the prayer of guiding others to fall in love with Nature by simultaneously awakening the powerpoints of Earth and the human body. Simultaneously she also crafted a community where she led in person and online courses to assist others to align with the rhythms of the Sun, Moon, and Self. She studies regularly with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dr. Malidoma Some, Daoist Priest Jeffrey Yuen and is a MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology candidate via the Sophia Centre UWTSD. Ra Ma Danielle Marie is the keeper of EarthSeed Temple Arts Mysterium for the Aquarian Age. This online mystery school houses courses that are a catalyst to help others create the life they truly desire. 

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