Eclipse Empowerment ☾☼

Thrive amidst Transformation. Join a special 6 day mini course for your success in navigating the Eclipses of 2024.


Are you ready to demystify Eclipses


Are you seeking clarity in times of wild transition?

Do you desire to fly with the currents of cosmic intensity instead of falling?

Would you like to learn practical tools and techniques to succeed amongst collective chaos?


Embrace the Power of Eclipses and Navigate Chaos with Confidence

Have you found yourself wading through tumultuous waves of change during previous Eclipse Seasons? 

>> You're not alone.

I've been there too, feeling the twists and turns of Eclipse energy without fully understanding how to stay grounded.


>> But here's the thing

I've also experienced firsthand the transformative power of harnessing Eclipse energy for growth and empowerment. Through years of study and personal exploration, I've unlocked the secrets of Eclipse Seasons and learned to navigate them with confidence and clarity.


>> Hint, many are confused about the power of Eclipses

Eclipse Portals are profound and they require dedicated discernment.


>> Now, I'm passionate

About sharing these insights with you so that you too can thrive amidst the chaos of Eclipse Energy. In Eclipse Empowerment, you'll discover practical tools and strategies to reset your mindset, embrace change and live with alignment.


No longer will you feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the strong and chaotic energy of eclipses.
Instead, you'll learn to see them as potent opportunities for personal growth and metamorphosis.


What Members are Saying

–Shelby Messenger ☾☼

I am extremely grateful for this course. Having this lens to help me navigate the challenges of the Eclipses is definitely changing how I might have otherwise responded to the issues I've faced in Eclipse Seasons. I am offering up my prayers for peace, stability, health, and wealth for each human being on this planet!

–Dillpreit Kaur ☾☼

This mini course offers great tips for coping during an Eclipse. Eclipses are powerful times to optimize your own life to bring more light to the Earth. Thank you RaMa for channeling this important information.

–Rosa Rashall ☾☼

RaMa is an inspired teacher and a sensitive, intuitive, yet direct astrologer. She excels in helping you see yourself, your life seasons and astrological rhythms in new and helpful ways. Now that I’ve taken her astrology courses like Skywalkers and Eclipse Empowerment, I’m listening to the recordings at a deeper level and getting even more out of my 1:1 astrological divination sessions.

Eclipse Seasons are times of great transformation and offer wild card events, therefore they are unpredictable.

Eclipses come in pairs, and an Eclipse Season is usually about a month of time that encapsulates a New Moon Solar Eclipse and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 


Many people experience some of the most extreme moments of their lives during an Eclipse Season. These could be meeting your soul mate, the loss of a job, receiving a windfall of money, unexpected deaths of loved ones and the purchase of a new home. Eclipses tend to affect the culture at large through extreme weather events, economic expansion and collapse, leadership shifts in the political landscape, war and peace. 


One thing is certain, that any Eclipse will be profound, offering you a moment to initiate significant change in your life. The reality is that Eclipses are so powerful that if one is refusing to transform, quite often things will happen to alter the trajectory of your life regardless of whether you are willing or not!


I have crafted a special 6 day mini course for your success in navigating the Eclipses of 2024.


In this mini course you will receive easy to digest teachings that will dissolve the mystery of Eclipses. Learn how to bend time and use the energies of Eclipses for your EMPOWERMENT. 

In Eclipse Empowerment you will learn:

  • What exactly an Eclipse is
  • Eclipses through history and culture
  • The Astrological influences of an Eclipse
  • How an Eclipse creates global impact
  • How Eclipses affect your experience of time
  • How to bend time
  • The dates and times of the 2024 Eclipses
  • The unique astrological influences of 2024’s Eclipses
  • Practices to support you through any Eclipse portal
  • How to thrive
  • A bonus live check in video chat with yours truly

Make a conscious choice to thrive with Eclipse Empowerment!


Hi, I’m RaMa and I’m the pillar of EarthSeed Temple Arts.

I am
an international woman of medicine, artist, astrologer, cosmic high priestess, herbalist, gridkeeper, pilgrimage steward, sound healer, yogic scientist and the creatrix of the podcast Stars, Stones, and Stories


I’ve studied the art of starkeeping and tarot for over 30 years and holds a MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology with merit through The Sophia Centre at the University of Wales. I’ve been practicing as a professional astrologer since 2017 and have read over thousands of birthcharts for clients globally.


My prayer for you is that you ride the waves of consciousness knowing that you are strong, you are resilient, that you are meant to thrive, and that it is a blessing to be alive here in these radical times.


Eclipse Empowerment will demystify Eclipse Seasons with practical information and applicable tools so that you may thrive amidst transformation!

Join a special 6 day mini course for your success in navigating the Eclipses of 2024.

We begin Friday the 22nd of March at noon. Each Eclipse Season this course will refresh and you will receive the benefit of this evolution.


If you have further questions email [email protected] and we will respond ASAP!