Essential Principles and Practices for Personal Empowerment in these Radical Times

Beginning Tuesday the 18th of June 2024



In the age of AI, be the EI. Embody the Earth's Intelligence.

Discover a potent set of nature-based modalities to help you develop an authentic, intimate connection grounded with the cycles of life on Earth that usher you to your elegant vitality, embodied presence and victorious resilience.

With RaMa

Artist, Alchemical Astrologer, International Woman of Medicine, Sound Healer, Cosmic High Priestess, Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology

Dear One,

Deep within your bones you yearn for an intimate, grounded connection with all of life.


You desire an authentic practice that instills the ability to live anchored to Mother Earth while connecting to the highest wisdom beyond the stars.


You know that you came to move mountains of your ancestral lineage through the simplicity of slowing down with creation's rhythms, softening to the gentle beauty of Nature, and living with elegance.


I believe you aspire to wake each day rested and restored so that you may seamlessly access your creativity and intuition. I know you wish to develop and maintain strong boundaries so that you may experience meaningful relationships while radiating confidence in your abilities.


Through your inherent wisdom and purpose you have the ability to give back to your community and the planet.

The challenge is in our day to day life it is incredibly common to feel disconnected, meanwhile being overloaded with too much information, and not knowing which tool to use when. We live in a world that demands so much from us and often feel powerless.


You may feel: 

  • The fear of living an unfilled life, yet unsure of how to initiate change

  • Exhausted from endless scrolling on your device, perhaps comparing yourself to people you have never even met

  • Flat, lethargic, and inadequate from not honoring your boundaries

  • Debilitated from countless restless nights tossing and turning in your bed

  • Loneliness, yet you are afraid to speak your truth and be fully seen 


Over time humanity has fallen away from the natural cycles of the Earth. Our understanding of these rhythms is distorted, which results in a lack of self-care, and a spaced out existence.


Our postmodern overculture has taught us that progress is measured through technological advancements, meanwhile each time we reach for a device we get a dopamine hit to our brain that sends a cascade of hormones through the body. We are literally addicted to these devices.


Technological upgrades come left and right, and we feel a race to keep up, even though we don’t even want or need the new device. We see the effects in our children and our environment as virtual reality becomes a potential means to distort further environmental and societal degradation. Technology is not going anywhere. We must find a way for healthy integration.


The truth is, every moment is a miracle.


When you live a lifestyle that is grounded in the Solar and Lunar cycles you will naturally radiate from your own inner authority. By aligning with Earth’s rhythms you will be tapped into the wisdom tides within your body. Through this process of alignment you will learn how to anchor this intelligence through your physical body.

This is why I created EarthSeed.


Through these techniques and knowledge offered in this transformative course you will fall in love with yourself and the Earth all over again.


By the end of this journey you’ll experience:

  • Simple guidance and distilled information on how aligning with the rhythms of the Sun and Moon may support your life. 
  • An intimate connection with stones and crystals rooted in an ancient Daoist lineage. These allies carry deep intelligence, a multitude of healing properties, and assist in activating and regulating your chakras.
  • Knowledge and practices to connect with your chakras, the wheels of light within your body,. These multidimensional vortexes of subtle energy regulate your physical body, including major organs, your endocrine, and nervous systems. Keeping your chakras clear and activated is essential to healthy boundaries and energetic sovereignty.
  • Lasting tools that will inspire you to develop your own unique daily practice, cultivating vitality. The journey through EarthSeed crafts a safe space for you to draw upon your own inner authority, while also comprehending the importance of grounding as daily maintenance.
  • The ability to manifest a life that is fully embodied, with a strong connection to the Earth and Elements, where you feel centered in your intuitive abilities and confident in anchoring cosmic energy. 


These codes of living will ultimately establish your life within a wellspring of empowerment. Cultivate a deep Love with the Mother to embody your radiant devotion.


I am a channel of magic, and to claim this Truth has been a pilgrimage of the Soul.


My path may not seem strange as you read this in the Aquarian Age, but being a child of the eighties and nineties, I was always on the fringe of society. I struggled with inadequacy, feeling powerless, and restricted by the cultural norm. 


Around the Harmonic Convergence in 1988 my uncle was diagnosed with AIDS, which catapulted my mother’s awakening. When his death a couple of years later marked his entry to the Otherworld, he began communicating with us beyond the veil. My official initiation as a priestess of Isis began in my late teens and early twenties,  however by thirteen I regularly utilized the pendulum and tarot, tended to crystals, studied astrology, practiced herbal medicine, and was reading channeled material like Marciniak’s Earth.


After the birth of my daughter, I consciously took a few years away from my work to fully immerse myself in raising my daughter. The early years of motherhood were filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. This passage was a true dark night of the soul. 


I moved diagonally across the country from LA to a picturesque lake in Maine and lost my entire community overnight. I lost my identity. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and I was told by various physicians there was no hope to heal.


I was called home to the Appalachian mountains where I modified my lifestyle. I recommitted to a daily practice. Yogic technology kept me grounded during these times, particularly the sacred sound science of mantra, breathwork and deep meditation. I felt the call to end my sabbatical when my daughter reached the age of four and was guided to share these teachings with my community teaching multiple weekly classes of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Sound Healing. I worked with women, men, babies, children and elders to harness change and live happier, healthier lives through a yogic lifestyle.


My passions for plant and stone medicine grew as my daughter grew, and this became her primary care during life’s ebbs and flows. The dream to birth my apothecary was made manifest with herbal syrups, infused vinegars, oils, tinctures, facial creams, Stone Medicine elixirs and mists. 


As I found teachers who inspired me, I also began to see the deep shadow that runs through spiritual communities and ultimately throughout the overculture. During the pandemic of 2020, the Kundalini Yoga lineage that had been an anchor for me for over twenty years collapsed and I stepped back from publicly teaching as I sorted through the stories of traumatic abuse and the origins of the teachings. Despite all of this, my love and appreciation of the practice has not waivered and I am finding ways to authentically integrate what resonates with me into my evolving body of offerings. 


For me what stands the test of time is communion with the Elements. I love the natural world because both the dark and the light are not only welcomed, they are essential. My work is rooted in knitting what is most true for me; the human body as a living temple, the Ancestors, a deep love of Mother Earth, the rhythms of the Sun and Moon, the stars within the sky, the magnetism of the planets and the infinite Cosmos. This elemental attunement entwined with yogic teachings creates a multifaceted, yet simple practice, that each day allows me to manifest the life I love.

My path continues to evolve like the spiral, and I’m continually impacted by the spaces and places of the Earth that I am gifted to explore, harmonizing with the dragonlines in a living prayer of guiding others to fall in love with Earth by simultaneously awakening the powerpoints of our planet and the human body to elevate collective consciousness. 


For many years my students and clients have been asking for a course that merges the tools of embodiment I have offered alongside the rich knowledge I passionately share. EarthSeed was birthed in 2020 and thus far over 50 people have experienced this course in three distinct cohorts. As 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, there is a Call to upgrade these teachings to the next level. I would be honored to welcome you in to our council of empowerment. 


EarthSeed nourishes an ecosystem of visionary stewards to consciously shift the paradigm of our planet.

What initiates are saying about learning with RaMa

When I saw RaMa's Earthseed course, I signed up immediately because I was hungry for a more embodied way to move through life on this confusing planet in these epic times. This course more than delivered!

RaMa shows up so authentically, bringing together knowledge from many traditions, all while keeping the teachings grounded in deep respect and a sense of the sacred.

I now find myself spiraling closer to that more embodied life as I continue to work with the stones.

Rosa Rashall, Organic Farmer, Northern California

Earthseed is inclusive, relaxing, stimulating, and a welcoming group that I feel elated to join in weekly. I listen to our sessions throughout the week for support and to nurture my mind and spirit. 

Salena Masaood, Real Estate Investor, Tampa, FL

RaMa is a mystic well of Divine Feminine wisdom. I am so grateful for her lifetime of study and practice. She walks her journey with integrity, inviting women to discover and trek their own sacred paths, sharing her tools and teachings, awakening and empowering the wise-one within us all!

Whitney Cline, Accountant, Los Angeles, CA

RaMa has been a catalyst in my rebirth and reawakening. She’s truly inclusive, humble, empathic. Her work comes from her heart - she is assisting in shifting the world’s perspective from fear to love. She holds safe, sacred space for all to participate in deep healing for themselves and their lineage.

Shelly Murray, Hospice Nurse, Madison WI

EarthSeed assisted me in connecting with new and old stones that I use on a daily basis to add more magick and sanctity into my life. EarthSeed truly provided a cave in which to bridge internal and external experience, and earthly and divine realms.

Stacia Thompson, Therapist, Mars Hill, NC

EarthSeed Course Blueprint 

Discover the power of embodying the Solar Gates and the Lunar Cycles through your Wheels of Light, also known as the chakras. EarthSeed is anchored with a system of ten temple spaces, each with a unique stone that bridges the frequencies from the Cosmos through the Sun, Moon, and the Earth into your energy centers.

This course weaves celestial wisdom from the ancient Celtic culture, the chakras as taught through the Vedic tradition and stone medicine wisdom extends through roots that have been orally passed down through generations through Daoist cosmology. 

There is no other course blending this caliber of wisdom and frequency for sustained embodiment.

Module 1 – Temple of Hematite: Cultivating Deep Roots

In this first Temple you will learn the importance of grounding and how to simply anchor to the Earth Mother. You will discover:

  • How to connect and work with the subterranean Earth energies
  • How to connect with your Earth Star Chakra and why you need it fully activated to thrive in these times
  • A Deep Exploration into Hematite
  • A Guided Ancestral Healing Sound Journey

Module 2 – Temple of Garnet: Seeding the Dream

In this second Temple you will discover how you have the resources to get through anything:

  • What your Root Chakra is and why you need it fully activated
  • The significance of Winter Solstice and this seasonal connection to the New Moon energy, the North, and Capricorn
  • How to connect to the frequency of garnet and why this stone assists in dream seeding

Module 3 – Temple of Carnelian: Stoking the Hearth

Within this Temple we rise from root to womb with deep creativity and instinct. All beings regardless of gender carry this space of potent conception. You will learn: 

  • Why your creativity is needed now, more than ever
  • How to locate your inner Divine Feminine energy through your Sacral Chakra, your inner hearth
  • About the potency of Imbolc, and this seasonal relationship to the waxing crescent lunar cycle, the North East, and Aquarius
  • The alchemical powers of Carnelian

Module 4 – Temple of Citrine: Bridging the Path of Power

This Temple will empower you to know thyself, to cultivate discernment, and how to fully digest life through energy awareness. You will explore: 

  • Discernment through becoming comfortable with tension
  • Your inner Divine Masculine energy through your Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The significance of Spring Equinox and its relation to the first quarter moon, the East, and Aries
  • The power of Citrine, particularly in relation to metabolization

Module 5 – Temple of Peridot: Nourishing Courage and Compassion

This Temple will initiate you into understanding that self love is the portal of devotion to your own deep healing. Through the gateway of the heart you will discover the Ancestral realm. You will experience

  • Simple self care practices that instill self love
  • Ancestral healing, including why and how to work with this realm in a respectful way
  • The power your Heart Chakra, particularly as a time travel device
  • Beltane, the Waxing gibbous moon cycle, the South East and the zodiac of Taurus
  • Peridot as a frequency that heals the past and assists with rebirthing

Module 6 – Temple of Lapis Lazuli: Expressing Your Eternal Truth

Enter this Temple of Truth. As you’ve journeyed from the core of the Earth, anchored and activated your creativity, your will power, and the boundaries of the heart, you now have the willingness to be fully seen and heard. You will attain:

  • How through your speech and other forms of expression you may relay your Truth to the world
  • The Vibration of your Throat Chakra as your sphere of expression
  • Summer Solstice as the Zenith of the Sun, and this seasonal connection to the Full Moon, the South, and Cancer
  • Lapis Lazuli as a stone that builds confidence through sustenance

Module 7 – Temple of Labradorite: Intuiting Your Birthright

This Temple will initiate you to your primordial intelligence that intuition is your birthright. Through clarity, you will gain confidence in your clairvoyance. You will discover: 

  • Intuition building practices that will ignite your ability to see light, color, and imagination
  • The power of perception through the Third Eye Chakra
  • Lamas, and this season’s connection to the waning gibbous moon, the South West, and Leo
  • How labradorite will allow you to traverse your metaphysical and psychic self

Module 8 – Temple of Amethyst: Embodying Right Action and Service

This Temple teaches that through consciousness we ultimately have a responsibility to embody right action and service. You will learn:

  • How to respect and honor those who have come before, and how to give with devotion
  • The ‘thousand petalled lotus’ of the Crown Chakra, a gateway to spiritual communion
  • Fall equinox, and this seasonal connection to the last quarter moon, the West, and Libra
  • Amethyst as the intelligent harmonizer

Module 9 – Temple of Selenite: Anchoring Cosmic Energy

This Temple invokes the blessing of graceful endings. Letting go and clearing energy is a basic necessity in life. Bridging Spirit and Matter is a gift. You will explore:

  • Basic protocol for safe connections with the Otherworld
  • The Soul Star Chakra as attunement to high vibrations
  • The season of Samhain, the Balsamic moon, the North West, and Scorpio, and how they represent how to let go for transmutation
  • Selenite as the illuminating stone, demonstrating that which needs to be resolved

Module 10 –  Temple of Moldavite: Weaving the Celestial Web 

In this Temple you will experience an integration of the key concepts of the lunar gates, the solar gates, and the portals in your body through the archetype of the weaver. The Galactic Chakra will assist with how to honor the celestial web of life. You will experience: 

  • Basic protocol for safe connections with the Otherworld
  • Activation of the Galactic Chakra through the Soul’s journey
  • An integration of key concepts explored in EarthSeed
  • The metamorphic qualities of Moldavite, reminding your history as a child of the stars
  • How to feel empowered on how to cultivate your own unique daily practice

Beyond a Course,

We are an Ever Expanding Ecosystem

Community is a Balm for These Times

This is an intimate learning group where you have the opportunity to share insights and build support systems. As a part of each week’s curriculum you will be given exercises for contemplation and reflection, and are encouraged to post your experiences within our private online community, which will be space that will respect your privacy and data.

RaMa will be available to answer your questions and witness your metamorphosis along the way. As a cohort, the value of coming together in these times crafts a network of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm.

EarthSeed Course Components:

10 Weekly Pre-recorded Video and Audio Teaching Sessions Delivered over five weeks
10 Practices and Reflections to apply the Teachings of each Temple
10 Guided Sound Healing Ceremonies
3 Live Lab Synthesis Sessions with Q+A
Pdf downloads of the Teaching of each Temple
Access to a custom designed, interactive course website and a private community forum with an app you may download to your mobile device
A Certification track through the GOLDEN GATE ESOTERAKA Ancient Future Mystery School
Special bonuses to expand your EarthSeed journey...scroll and keep reading to discover more!

PLUS these special EarthSeed Bonuses

Map of the Wheel of the Year with Solar Gates and Lunar phases

a handcrafted multimedia art downloadable file crafted by RaMa

Self-Love Grounding Guide

RaMa’s 8 Tried and True Techniques for Grounding

Wheel of the Year, Phases of the Moon Rituals

A guide of simple rituals to embody each Solar Gate and each phase of the Moon including RaMa’s tried and true New Moon manifestation guide

Guided Meditation to Activate and Regulate your Body’s Chakras with Stone Allies

Audio recording crafted by RaMa

Stone Medicine Gridding for Devotion

RaMa crafted this ebook to introduce you on how to create stone medicine and crystal grids, with an emphasis on devotion.


RaMa Danielle-Marie

EarthSeed Temple Arts transforms collective consciousness by enriching the lives of individuals through the timeless language of astrology, personal empowerment quests, an Ancient Future mystery school offering a multitude of initiations and earth chakra activations through global pilgrimages that give back to their Ancestral Lands. RaMa Danielle-Marie, the pillar of ETA is an interdisciplinary artist, international woman of medicine, alchemical astrologer, cosmic high priestess, doula, childbirth educator, herbalist, gridkeeper, pilgrimage steward, sound healer and yogic scientist. 

She has studied the art of starkeeping for over 30 years and holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology with merit through The Sophia Centre at the University of Wales.

RaMa considers her astrology alchemical, as it is rooted in the wisdom of the elements and merges the foundations of traditional and mundane western astrology with horary, magical elections, modern psychological, evolutionary and intuitive techniques. RaMa is dedicated to aligning the spiritual realms with academic intelligence. Her astrological practice leans upon yogic philosophy, and an extensive practice of mediation, sound healing, ancestral healing and Daoist stone medicine.

In addition, she serves as a consciousness midwife as she offers Quantum Healing Hypnosis journeys as taught by Dolores Cannon. RaMa leads annual pilgrimages to Egypt, Avalon and the South of France. Each of these pilgrimages are a devotional offering of earth chakra activations through that give back to their Ancestral Lands. She has crafted the GOLDEN GATE ESOTERAKA an Ancient Future Mystery School which houses a living library of courses, a thriving private online community and initiations that are a catalyst to ignite your unique process of transformation. You may discover more at

Every offering through EarthSeed Temple Arts is a living prayer for you to Cultivate Deep Roots and Make Miracles with the Cosmos.

What people are saying about learning with RaMa...

EarthSeed came at a moment when my nervous system was in deep need of the nurturing grounding energy found in this program. The Knowledge I have gained on the stones, or the Earth’s bones as RaMa describes them, has changed the way I live in my body and environment.

RaMa weaves Daoist stone medicine wisdom, with the chakra system, the wheel of the year and the solar gates and lunar portals with elegance, and a level of comprehensiveness of a master. And as a student, I received all of benefit of her genius.

The Connection I feel to this beautiful planet goddess Sophia is deeper than ever and the healing that is taking place is at a quantum level. I am certain that the education I’ve received will continue to evolve and move through my spirit like the most stunning lotus flower, blooming infinitely.

Wynoami Glasser, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Tulsa, OK

RaMa is a teacher and healer offering an incredible array of healing modalities. She demonstrates a deep commitment to her practice and to seeing that others reach their fullest potential.

Edward Kizer, Therapist, Hendersonville, NC

RaMa holds the feminine sacred and motherhood angelic force while creating a safe space for women to expand and go deeply in her presence. She is a gift to humanity and I confidently encourage anyone and everyone to be a student of her teachings.

Kerry Utah Green, Singer Songwriter, Asheville, NC

RaMa's EarthSeed course deepened my relationship with what is real and magical being alive on this living planet.

I never knew how beautiful it could be to work with the stones, and become more aware of their deep wisdom and unique support and wisdom.

One of the most simple and basic techniques of grounding with the Earthstar chakra has been life-changing. I love how incredibly knowledgeable RaMa is, and am grateful that I can trust to learn these useful and magical ancient teachings from her.

Jacqueline Brulotte, EFT Alchemist, Olympia, Washington

RaMa’s wise teachings have been my guidance and at times my best support to survive these waves of experience called life. Her depth of knowledge of astrology, yogic technology, and the Spirit reveal the time and patience she has invested; her knowledge, practice and guidance are a blessing.

Breccia Leigh, Solar Energy Advisor, Asheville, NC





3 Monthly Payments

3 x $385

Join an ecosystem of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm 

EarthSeed Course Components include:

  • 10 weekly recorded video and audio course teaching sessions
  • 10 practices and reflections to apply the teachings of each Temple
  • 10 Guided Sound Healing Ceremonies
  • 3 Live Lab Synthesis Sessions with Q+A 
  • Pdf downloads of the teaching of each Temple
  • Access to a custom designed and private interactive course website
  • Access to a private community forum with an interactive app you may download to your device
  • Special bonuses to expand your EarthSeed journey

Fully Invest


Join an ecosystem of visionary stewards to consciously shift our paradigm 

EarthSeed Course Components include:

  • 10 weekly recorded video and audio course teaching sessions
  • 10 practices and reflections to apply the teachings of each Temple
  • 10 Guided Sound Healing Ceremonies
  • 3 Live Lab Synthesis Sessions with Q+A 
  • Pdf downloads of the teaching of each Temple
  • Access to a custom designed and private interactive course website
  • Access to a private community forum with an interactive app you may download to your device
  • Special bonuses to expand your EarthSeed journey

Earth to Sky Bundle


Receive the complete EarthSeed and Skywalkers experience! Discover the full details of this foundational course bundle at this link OR if you need a payment plan visit this link

EarthSeed Course Components include:

  • 10 weekly recorded video and audio course teaching sessions
  • 10 practices and reflections to apply the teachings of each Temple
  • 10 Guided Sound Healing Ceremonies
  • 3 Live Lab Synthesis Sessions with Q+A 
  • Pdf downloads of the teaching of each Temple
  • Access to a custom designed and private interactive course website
  • Access to a private community forum with an interactive app you may download to your device
  • Special bonuses to expand your EarthSeed journey and all that Skywalkers has to offer!